Modernization of radiation safety monitoring equipment AKRB

Goal of the project is the analysis of technical state and determination of possibilities of modernizing the radiation safety monitoring equipment AKRB-03 (“Sejval”) for Units Nos. 1 and 2 of the Mochovce NPP.

The composition of the work: 

  • Determination of technical state of radiation safety monitoring equipment AKRB-03 (“Sejval”);
  • Estimation of resource of the equipment and of cable lines;
  • Analysis of possibility to modernize the examined equipment.

By the results of analysis of the equipment state, of documentation, tests’ results, statistics of the equipment failures, and of information on fulfilled partial replacement of AKRB-03 components the report has been issued, mentioning main recommendations on modernization of the radiation safety monitoring equipment, and on selection of up-to-date components of the equipment.

 The reporting document includes also:

  • The results of examining and analysis of technical state of AKRB-03 (“Sejval”) at power Units 1 and 2 of NPP Mochovce;
  • The concept of modernization and the suggestions by various variants of realizing the modernization;
  • The recommendations on replacement of individual technical means of AKRB-03 (“Sejval”);
  • The main technical characteristics of the modernized radiation monitoring system.