UGDSE equipment

Unit general de-energization equipment (UGDSE-01) was commissioned at Unit 3 of Kola NPP in 2010.

UGDSE-01 is intended for:

  • monitoring of state of power Unit electric part and generating the relevant commands at general de-energization of power Unit in accordance with the assigned algorithm;
  • receipt of discrete signals from power Unit electric equipment, turbine board, equipment of initiating and actuation parts of engineered safety feature actuation system ESFAS;
  • logical processing of discrete signals;
  • generation of control signals for actuators, power Unit electric equipment and to alarm signaling circuits.

UGDSE-01, designed for Unit 3 of Kola NPP, consists of two independent identical sets of equipment, located in different rooms of NPP.

Each set of ASOOB-01 consists of two cabinets: data acquisition and processing device (DAPD-01) and commutation device (UKK-01).

Structural scheme of UGDSE-01 equipment is presented on the picture:

Structural scheme of UGDSE-01 equipment

Data acquisition device DAPD-01 performs the following functions:

  1. Receipt of discrete signals from relay of module’s voltage and frequency monitoring of 15 and 75 kV;
  2. Receipt of discrete signals from relay of switches control circuits;
  3. Receipt of discrete signals from relay of stop valves control circuit;
  4. Receipt of discrete signals from equipment Teleperm XS (TXS) of 3 ESFAS channels;
  5. Generation of signals “Unit’s transfer to house load" and "general de-energization of Unit";
  6. Generation of signals for disconnection of working and redundant inputs at the section of normal operation systems (NOS), section switches of emergency power supply system (EPSS), and start-up of diesel-generator of EPSS three channels, as well as the signals of prohibition for interlocks and remote control in accordance with algorithm;
  7. Multiplication of the processed generalized signals and transfer of discrete signals to device UKK-01 to the relevant output relays;
  8. Monitoring of own operability, operability of UKK-01, and also of communication lines between DAPD-01 and UKK-01;
  9. Manual check of operating logic of DAPD-01 in mode “Check” by simulating the input signals at the panel of DAPD-01 with no output of signals to actuators;
  10. Generation of signals on good condition and sets staying in modes “check” and “out of operation”.

Commutation device UKK-01 is intended for receipt of signals from UNO-01 cabinet, galvanic separation (by means of electromechanical relays) of signals received from external power circuits of mechanisms, and for transfer of signals in the form of “dry” contacts to actuators.

The communication with technological equipment is performed by UNO-01 by means of discrete signals. Set of UGDSE-01 performs the continuous automatic monitoring of own good condition. Each UGDSE -01 set transfers data to the adjacent set of data displaying and logging hardware DDLH via standard serial interface.

UGDSE-01 has passed the full complex of qualification tests and is certified in the OIT system.