Information-computing system

Project purpose:

Information-computing system (ICS) is intended for acquisition, processing, archiving and analysis of information on state of process parameter signals of reactor IBR-2M (Joint institute for nuclear research JINR, town of Dubna), for realizing the physical and power start-up of reactor and research at the state of its initial operation.

ICS ensures the receipt of information from three sources:

  • top-level server instrumentation (TLSI);
  • process parameter monitoring instrumentation (PPMI);
  • sensors of process parameters of reactor IBR-2M. 

Composition of ICS includes the following devices and units:

  • data acquisition and processing device UNO-07;
  • conversion unit BPH-07;
  • auxiliary unit BH-01;
  • redundant supply unit BRP-24;
  • data acquisition and processing unit BNO-04;
  • oscilloscope.

ICS performs the following functions:

  • receipt of information from 4 position sensors of main movable reflector (MMR) and from 4 sensors of additional movable reflector (AMR);
  • determination of rotation rate of MMR and AMR reflectors;
  • determination of displacement angle of  MMR and AMR;
  • receipt of information on level of power and energy of power pulses (in counting mode of chambers in “the gates”) from TLSI via interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbit;
  • receipt of information on process parameter values from PPMI via interface 
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit;
  • receipt and processing of analogue signals from photo- electronic multiplier (PEM) and from ionization chamber in current mode. For this purpose the composition of ICS includes the four-channel digital oscilloscope with the bandwidth of not less than 20 MHz with the function and storage and export of measured signals. Provision of chamber with high-voltage supply;
  • receipt of signal of ionization fission chamber (in pulse mode of the chamber) for realization of time analysis of pulses calculating. Provision of chamber with high-voltage supply;
  • receipt of current signal from ionization chamber (in current mode of the chamber) with amplification and normalization of the signal. Provision of chamber with high-voltage supply;
  • receipt and multiplication of signal on synchronizing pulse;
  • processing of requests from terminals (personal computers connected via interface Ethernet). The ICS set includes one terminal (BNO-04);
  • storage of information in the archive (period of data storage is not less than 1 year), and presentation at terminals’ display. Provision of data export to removable media such as FLASH and DVD-ROM, possibility of viewing the archive information from removable media.

UNO-07 performs the following functions:

  • acquisition of data from sensors;
  • acquisition of data from TLSI and PPMI systems;
  • processing of data from ionization chambers;
  • provision of storage of data on all the parameters;
  • provision of realizing the requests from terminals (including BNO-04).
  • displaying of trends of parameters stored in UNO-07;
  • presentation of information for analysis of physical start-up parameters;
  • algorithms calculation;
  • presenting the possibility of export of processed parameters to other applications;
  • saving of data at removable media. 

Structural diagram of ICS: 

Structural diagram of ICS

Composition of ICS includes the set of software for terminals (TS) developed on the basis of operational system Microsoft Windows XP SP3. 

TS ensures the displaying of operative information, results of processing and viewing of archive information, as well as data processing in accordance with a current task.

TS ensures the export of data from the archive into formats suitable for processing in Microsoft Excel.