Seismic monitoring system

Project goal: designing, manufacturing, and implementation seismic monitoring system (SMS) on power units 1-4 of Dukovany NPP, Czech Republic.

SMS consists of one set, set of spare parts, mounting parts and documentation.

Composition of SMS includes the following devices and units:

  • Force balance accelerometer AC-73 sensors, providing measuring of level of seismic impact on NPP industrial area;
  • Break-RDW converters, providing conversion of signals, transmitted from SMS to block control panels (BCP) of power units per fiber-optics communication line (FOCL) (for signalling on safety panels);
  • data acquisition and processing device UNO, which perform functions of:
  • Monitoring of seimic impact threshold level exceeding by axis X, Y, Z;
  • Calculation of parameters -  peak ground acceleration (PGA), cumulative absolute velocity (CAV) and response spectrum;
  • Generation and output of dicrete signals of seimic impact threshold level exceeding, system operability for signalling on safety panels on power units BCP;
  • Transmission of information to NPP diagnostiс LAN;
  • Information archiving.

To ensure the reliability of functioning SMS is provided with automatic diagnostic of state of technical means. In part of self-diagnosis SMS providing:

  • Monitoring of seismic sensors operability;
  • Monitoring of operability of seismic sensors signals processing units;
  • Monitoring of power supply availability and power supply units in UNO operability;
  • Transmission of results of monitoring to NPP diagnostiс LAN.

Structural diagram of SMS:

Structural diagram SMS